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So far I have tried Soya milk, rice milk, chocolate oat milk and almond milk. Out of all them, I prefer rice milk. It smells like muffins. Soya milk is the most horrendous thing I have ever tasted. Is there any other vegan milk someone can recommend, especially if they are from the UK?

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    it smells like muffins
  2. blueacrylics answered: coconut milk is good
  3. ohmorninglovely answered: have you tried hemp milk?
  4. veganspartyharder answered: Hmm soy milk in the US is pretty delicious. Maybe try the chocolate or vanilla variation of it? Coconut milk and hemp milk are also okay.
  5. nadyadoesntlivehereanymore answered: I’m not even sure if it’s actually a good milk substitute, but coconut milk!
  6. hannahxxxrose answered: usually it depends more on the brand than on the ingredients. i’d reccomend trying different brands of ones you didn’t like as well.
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